Our vision is to connect, engage, and inspire all students in the Ayer Shirley Regional School District to reach academic excellence. We, the educators of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District, will instill habits of reflection and inquiry to challenge our students in setting ambitious academic and personal goals. Students will develop a strong voice to express thoughts and ideas in the community and the confidence to showcase their talents and successes in preparation for entry into college and the world of work. 


What is the Family Partnership Center?

The Family Partnership Center is a program supported through the Massachusetts Coordinated Family & Community Engagement Grant (CFCE). We are located in the Page Hilltop Elementary School in Ayer. Communities can play an important role in helping families to support their children’s growth and learning. The Family Partnership Center, helps strengthen your community by providing: 

* Strength-based family education

*  Networking and leadership opportunities

*  Information about local education resources including public schools

*  Information about resources such as your local child care resource and 

    referral agency or Mass 211.

*  Information to help you manage your family finances.

*  Information about resources such as WIC, housing, food pantries, local early education and care options. 


Look to us for:

Opportunities to connect with other families from your community through our numerous playgroups (both day and evening groups available).

Access to training on topics such as child growth and development and managing challenging behavior.

Information about and referrals to local services such as early intervention and early childhood special education services when needed.

Connections to learning opportunities that help your child build understanding through experiences.

Participation in completing the Ages & Stages Questionnaire to help you better understand and support your child’s development during the first five years. 


Your child begins learning at birth through experiences every day. Our goal is to support all families in helping your child best develop and achieve. We encourage family involvement in your child’s learning readiness. We provide programs that support both  parent and child. FREE playgroups, FREE workshops, FREE support groups. These programs run both during the day as well as some evenings to accommodate working families. We do this through the various programs and activities that we have here at the Family Partnership Center. The following is a list of what we have to offer to young children and their families in our community:


  • Parent Groups, Workshops and Informational Resources:  Activities are scheduled to provide families up to date information about educational issues, early childhood programs/services, and parent education programming.
  • Play & Learn:  Weekly playgroups are scheduled for caregivers, parents and their children in Ayer and Shirley.   We have a beautiful playroom located in the Page Hilltop Elementary School.  In addition to hosting groups in our space we also do playgroups at the Hazen Memorial Library in Shirley, the Ayer Children’s Library, The Community Center at Devens and more.  
  • Family Literacy Activities: Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, and children…come learn together.  All activities focus on supporting literacy activities at home.  These events are open to children up to age 8.  
  • The Parent Child Home Program:  If you are a parent of a child between the ages of 16 months and 3 years of age, and you live in Ayer or Shirley, you may be eligible to participate in the Parent-Child Home Program. This program helps prepare your child for later school success in a fun and friendly way.  A free educational book or toy for you to keep is given to you and your child once per week by a home visitor.  
  • Resource & Referral Library:   Our resource library is located at our “home” here at the Page Hilltop School.  There is a lending library of books for both parents and children, a video and game lending library and a safe drop-in play space for children.  We also can help out on referrals for things such as childcare services, home visits, WIC, Food Stamps (SNAP Program), Fuel Assistance, Adult Learning & much more! 
  • Ayer/Shirley CFCE (Coordinated Family & Community Engagement) Council Meetings:  Come to a CFCE Council Meeting to find out more about what we are doing to support children and families in Ayer, Shirley & Devens.  Presentations, discussions and updates will be on the agenda.  This council offers  leadership opportunities for parents and others in taking an active role in early education and care programs and policies.  All meetings are held at the FPC Play space at the Page Hilltop Elementary School, 115 Washington Street in Ayer.  


Our playgroup/workshop schedule changes monthly. Would you like to get a copy of our current schedule? We keep in touch with families via a monthly e-newsletter.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please reach out to us. We can be reached at (978) 772-8600 Ext. 1428, you can email us at familypartnershipcenter@yahoo.com or you can find us on Facebook “The Family Partnership Center”. 


Contact Info: (978) 772-8600 X1428

Deanna Christie, Program Coordinator

Theresa Zoller, Playgroup Facilitator/PCHP Home Visitor

Dawn Barr, PCHP Home Visitor

141 Washington Street | Phone: 978-772-8600
1 Hospital Rd | Phone: (978) 772-8600
115 Washington Street | Phone: (978) 772-8600
34 Lancaster Road | Phone: (978) 772-8600