Our vision is to connect, engage, and inspire every student to reach academic excellence. The educators of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District will instill habits of reflection and inquiry that challenge our students to set ambitious academic and personal goals. Students will develop a strong voice to express thoughts and ideas in the community, the confidence to showcase their talents, and academic and personal successes in preparation for entry into college and the world of work.


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February 25, 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are pleased to provide you with access to our 2018 District Report Card.  Each year the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) publishes a report card to show parents and families how our district and our schools are performing in a number of different areas.  

From years past, DESE has changed the formatting of the report card to make it more interactive for parents.  We encourage you to select your child’s school from the tabs to the right. This will provide you with the opportunity to view a letter from the school principal that provides an overview of the school report card, in addition to a link to the report card and a glossary to assist you in reviewing it.  All reports can be translated when you select your preferred language in the Google Translate feature at the top of the web page.

When viewing a report card, a great deal of information about our district and our schools is available for you to review.  Some of the data available includes a summary of our student achievement, teacher quality, student learning opportunities, and much more.  Explanations of each of these categories, as well as visual references, are provided within the report card viewing site.  In the event that you have questions, we encourage you to contact your child’s principal directly.


Charlie Caliri, Assistant Superintendent 

2018 School and District Report Cards


ASRSD Report Card 2018

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