Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs

  • ASRSD Vision Statement 

    To create a dynamic, engaged learning community that provides equitable access and opportunity for all members, and empowers students to achieve at high levels by fostering intellectual rigor, creative expression, social-emotional well-being, and the agency to pursue meaningful paths and thrive as responsible citizens.

    ASRSD Mission Statement

    To inspire students to achieve academic excellence through equitable, evidence-based curriculum and instruction, responsive and representative learning experiences that foster belonging, and community engagement that cultivates students’ academic, creative, and social-emotional behaviors and skills.

    Our Core Values

    These core values are guiding principles at the essence of who ASRSD is as a district. Every decision will be aligned with and faithful to these values: 

    1. Every member of our learning community is responsible for the daily successes and challenges of all students. 

    2. The social and emotional well-being of our students is paramount to their academic and personal success. 

    3. Students' individuality is respected and honored in order for them to succeed at their highest level.

    4. Building relationships anchored in trust and respect with all stakeholders, students, educators, parents, guardians, and community members.