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The kindergarten team is very excited about working with you and your child!  We are a full day inclusive Kindergarten program that strives to create a nurturing environment. It is our belief that all children are unique individuals with an avid curiosity and strong desire to learn.  We strive to offer our students creative learning experiences that promote learning, cooperation, sharing, respect for others, a sense of responsibility, and a positive self image.  Our classrooms are bright, lively, and inviting and offer many opportunities to explore, discover, and learn.  We appreciate having parents who are involved and invested in the education of their children. We have many opportunities for volunteering.

Our curriculum is guided by the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards and is implemented through an integrated thematic approach.  Our message to the children is “come learn, have fun, explore, create, make new friends, and let us guide and share in your journey on the road towards a love of learning.” 

1st Grade

Our first grade curriculum provides all students with several interdisciplinary units throughout the school year that not only foster a life long love of learning, but also enhance the child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The curriculum also gives students a strong foundation in all curriculum areas including reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies, while developing students’ social awareness. We guide and teach students the importance of respecting themselves, others, and their environments, as well as teaching them to recognize and value the importance of learning.

2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th Grade


Fifth grade is an exciting year for students at the Lura A. White School. They will not have one, but three academic teachers. Ms. MacFarland teaches science, Ms. Graves teaches language arts and Mr. Dow teaches math. Each teacher also teaches social studies for students in their homeroom.

We feel that one of fifth grade’s jobs is to serve as a bridge between elementary school life and what students will experience in the Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School.  Students become accustomed to switching teachers and learning what it takes to be successful at the middle school level.  By increasing expectations of independence and organization, we feel that students will hit the ground running when they enter the sixth grade.

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