Unified Arts

The Unified Arts are an essential component of every child’s education at Page Hilltop Elementary School. The Unified Arts program recognizes the need to foster intellectual, creative, physical, social and health literacy in all students. Unified Arts encourage higher creative thinking through critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and cooperation. Through discovery and experiential opportunities, students explore a variety of disciplines, demonstrate knowledge in all areas of the Unified Arts and recognize the diversity of their world. Unified Arts disciplines are authentically integrated into the academic curriculum to enhance and extend student learning. Unified Arts is an important bridge to middle school and forms a foundation for lifelong learning.

Unified Arts at Page Hilltop includes the disciplines of:
Computer Education
Physical Education.



Page Hilltop Public Preschool offers morning and afternoon programs. We provide special education and related services to children ages 3-5.

Preschool -  Teachers are MA state certified, licensed in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education. Teachers use the MA frameworks as educational guidelines as a foundation to an outstanding curriculum which fosters a love for learning.

3 year old program - Children are taught in a nuturing, educational, hands on environment which fosters a positive first "school" experience. The children experience learning through dramatic play, music, art and science. Curriculum such as Incredible Flexible You, introduces students  to developmentally appropriate social skills.

4 year old program - Children are building upon skills taught in the three year old program. The classroom fosters a love for learning through explicit and concrete experiences. Children are exposed to skills they will need to adapt to the kindergarten setting. Curriculum such as Foundations, Handwriting Without Tears and Incredible Flexible You are used in the 4 year old classroom.

Preschool Screening Parent Questionnaire
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We are a full day inclusive Kindergarten program that values establishing a nurturing environment rich in learning opportunities. We strive to meet the unique academic, social/emotional and developmental needs of each child. Our classrooms foster an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and engaging. Our goal is to encourage our students to develop a love of learning, a strong sense of self and an appreciation for their community. Our curriculum is guided by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Incorporating the Common Core State Standards, and is supported by a thematic approach to learning.

We are very excited to have your child join us as they begin their educational career! We welcome you to view the links below to find out more about us and the focus of our educational program. Please feel free to contact the Kindergarten Team with any questions.

Our curriculum is guided by the Massachusetts Currriculum Frameworks Incorporating the Common Core State Standards and is implemented through an integrated thematic approach. Our message to the children is “come learn, have fun, explore, create, make new friends, and let us guide and share in your journey on the road towards a love of learning.” 

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum is guided by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Incorporating the Common Core State Standards. Below you will find a brief description of the core series that support our learning objectives.

In language arts, the programs we use include Open Court and Fundations. Open Court is the core reading series that is used to introduce children to emergent literacy and comprehension skills. Fundations is a systematic, sequential, multi-sensory method of teaching phonics. Writing is modeled and practiced throughout the day and is linked to Kindergarten themes. The goal of the kindergarten writing program is for children to develop appropriate ideas and apply basic conventions through creative and authentic opportunities. 

In math, we utilize the Scott Foresman enVisionMATH core series. This program incorporates fun and engaging games and activities that guide students in mastering necessary math skills. Mathematical thinking and learning occurs throughout the day and during all kinds of activities.

At the Kindergarten level, learning in history and social studies is built on children's experiences in their families, school, community, state and country. In Kindergarten, science offers children the ability to do what comes naturally – observe, question, manipulate objects and communicate their thinking through actions, words and drawings or constructions.



Curriculum Themes

A Thematic Approach to Learning

Much of our curriculum is taught through a thematic approach to learning. Please see the list below.


-Group Skills and Rules
-All About Me
-Apples/Johnny Appleseed


-Nocturnal Animals
-Christopher Columbus


-Pilgrims/Native Americans


-Winter Holidays


-Martin Luther King


-Valentine's Day
-President's Day
-Chinese New Year


-St. Patrick's Day/Ireland


-Stick To It/Perseverance
-Living Things
-5 Senses
-Earth Day/Arbor Day


-National Symbols
-Memorial Day
-Life Cycles
-Mother's Day 


-Father's Day



First Grade

In First Grade a child centered classroom is a place students can feel empowered through their learning. It is a place for students to feel like they are valued and are safe and can create meaningful and lasting relationships with their peers while growing as young individuals physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”            

- B.B. King


Second Grade

Second Grade Curriculum
  • Language Arts - In second grade we use our core program of Open Court along with supplemental materials to study literary elements, grammar, vocabulary, and genre studies. We also have small, guided reading groups where we work on comprehension skills and becoming strong, fluent readers, monitoring their reading practice using Accelerated Reader. Wilson's Fundations is used for phonics and spelling instruction. This year we will also be incorporating SRSD Writing into our writing workshop time. 

  • Math - We will be using Scott Foresman's EnVision math program. We will be focusing on addition and subtraction strategies, place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, money, time, measurement, geometry, fractions, and probability.

  • Science - Throughout the year we will be studying and comparing several different life cycles (butterflies, spiders, and frogs). We will also have units on magnets, matter, simple machines, rocks and minerals, and weather; along with several other "mini-units". 

  • Social Studies - Second grade social studies curriculum focuses on geography, understanding student's cultural backgrounds, and comparing their lives to the idea of "Long Ago". We will have units on maps and globes, landforms, cultural awareness, Ayer long ago, and immigration. Throughout the year we will study important figures in American history.


Third Grade

All of the teachers in third grade are excited and optimistic about the year ahead! To provide your child with the best education possible, he or she will be taking part in a team teaching model. 

Please note that we have a Grade 3 Team website with additional information. We invite you to view the links below to find out more about us and the focus of our educational program. Feel free to contact the members of the Grade 3 Team with any questions.

Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade is divided into two teams. Each teacher provides Language Arts instruction for his/her own homeroom, while students switch to other classrooms for Math, Social Studies, and Science instruction.

Language Arts: We use a combination of Open Court, Houghton-Mifflin, and Junior Great Books for our English Language Arts curriculum.

Math: The Scott Foresman enVision Math Common Core Program is used for our Math Curriculum.

Social Studies and Science: We use Houghton-Mifflin as our core Social Studies text. We study United States Regions, Canada, and Mexico in Fourth Grade. Houghton-Mifflin Discovery Works is our Science text, and we explore Rocks and Minerals, Weather, Electricity and Magnetism, and Living Things (specifically plants). 

Fifth Grade

Grade 5 is divided into 2 teams. The grade 5 teachers use agendas as planners in their classes for students to be responsible for writing down their assignments.  Each teacher sends daily emails to parents letting them know what is going on in class.  Homework generally consists of spelling, math, grammar, and occasionally projects are assigned in social studies and science. Students are expected to practice math facts (multiplication and division) and read nightly to reach their Accelerated Reader goal.

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