Our vision is to connect, engage, and inspire every student to reach academic excellence. The educators of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District will instill habits of reflection and inquiry that challenge our students to set ambitious academic and personal goals. Students will develop a strong voice to express thoughts and ideas in the community, the confidence to showcase their talents, and academic and personal successes in preparation for entry into college and the world of work.


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Parent Conferences

Dear Parents / Guardians,

    As we close out the first quarter of the school year, we ask that you take a few minutes to reflect with your child.  Has your child begun the school year with consistent and timely attendance?  Which core subject area has your child excelled in?  Which core subject area has your child demonstrated a need for more attention and work?  What is your child’s favorite part of the school day?  Have you taken time to sit down with your child and establish achievement goals for them to strive to reach?  Have you discussed strategies to achieve these goals?

    Many of you will soon be attending parent conferences.  Parent conferences are a vital component to an effective home-school connection which, in turn, is essential to a positive school experience.  Only when teachers and parents partner with each other for the benefit of the child/student do we provide them with all possible opportunities for academic and social growth success.

    With a desire to make your parent conference experience both productive and meaningful, we offer these simple tips:

  • Please arrive at least five minutes prior to the scheduled time for your conferences.  Keep in mind that your timepiece may not be aligned with the clocks in the school.

  • If you must cancel your appointment, please notify the teacher as soon as you know.

  • Please keep in mind that parent conferences are run on a very tight schedule.  At times this may seem rushed.  However, it is the only way that the teachers can fit everyone in.  Please be respectful of your start and stop times.  If you show up late, or continue talking past your appointment time, you will potentially throw off the teacher’s schedule for the rest of the evening as well as infringe upon the time of others.

  • It is helpful if you write down your list of important questions ahead of time.  Then you can simply refer to them as you are conversing with the teacher.  You might even want to bring a copy of your questions/concerns (for the teacher) when you come to the conference.  Your child’s teacher will also have a “list of items” to discuss and you will probably find that you both have similar points of discussion.

  • Listen carefully to what the teacher is sharing about your child’s progress in the classroom.  There is no need to be defensive if not all of the news is stellar.  Always remember  -  our teachers care deeply about their students and wish to work with you on their behalf.

  • Please do not use up your valuable conference time to discuss “weather, sports and politics”.  Please keep in mind that confidentiality laws prohibit a teacher from discussing anything about other students (even your best friend’s children).

  • If you are left with some unanswered questions at the end of the night, please feel free to email your child’s teacher with your follow-up questions / concerns.

  • You should know that all unified arts teachers, special education teachers, guidance counselors, ELL teachers, support staff and administrators will be in the building and happy to meet with you, if necessary.

  • If you need ANY ASSISTANCE with transportation, childcare or translation during parent conference times, please email Mr. Deppe at:   fdeppe@asrsd.org

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Please share with your child the outcome of your parent conference.  It is vital that they recognize and respect the relationship between home and school.

As always, thank you for all the support you provide our teachers, our students

and our school community,


Fred Deppe, Principal                     

Beth Lewis, Assistant Principal


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