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Thank You Archer's Mobil and 8th Annual School Championship Spelling Bee


Mr. Gary Archer, owner of Archer's Mobil of Ayer, presents Page Hilltop Elementary School principal Fred Deppe with a $500 donation from the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance Grant Program.  This is the 8th year that Mr. Archer and Principal Deppe have successfully collaborated to acquire these grant monies which will be used to support science programs at Page Hilltop.  Also pictured is Mr. Archer's daughter, Jacqueline, grade 4 teacher Brian Lapointe and several fourth grade students.


Page Hilltop Elementary School recently held their 8th annual School Championship Spelling Bee. The top classroom spellers from the fourth and fifth grades participated in numerous rounds of competitive spelling challenges.  Fifth grader Ryleigh Bomil won this year's spelling championship, edging out class mates Luke Logan (2nd place) and Maciel Deleon (3rd place).  Rounding out the top 20 spellers were fourth graders Bavly Abdou, Abby Al;berga, Craig Bakke, Shaun Brothers, Tyler Dupuis, Noah Hirtle, Rose Marble, Stephanie Santos, Harrison Tu, Sophia Watkins along with fifth graders Ben Andrews, Patrick Bergin, Michael Bishara, Jordan Burwell, Coady Girouard, Alison Gravelle and Roberto Kaufman-Dermer. Ryleigh will represent her school in the regional spelling bee on March 22nd. 




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