Our vision is to connect, engage, and inspire all students in the Ayer Shirley Regional School District to reach academic excellence. We, the educators of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District, will instill habits of reflection and inquiry to challenge our students in setting ambitious academic and personal goals. Students will develop a strong voice to express thoughts and ideas in the community and the confidence to showcase their talents and successes in preparation for entry into college and the world of work.

Wishing the entire Ayer Shirley Regional School community a great summer.  Have fun and stay safe!


The purpose of the Ayer Shirley Regional High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize the names of those men and women who have displayed outstanding accomplishments on and off the athletic fields  or have contributed meritorious service to Ayer Shirley Regional High School.


1)  Athletes:  Must be graduated from Ayer High School or ASRHS for at least 10 years.  They will be individuals who have demonstrated playing ability,           contributions to their team and outstanding athletic achievements in varsity sports.  These individuals will demonstrate a high level of  integrity, character on and off the field,  and post high school conduct. To qualify the athlete must have:

      • Attended ASRHS for at least 2 years
      • Been out of high school for 10 years or more
      • Been a positive role model in the school while in attendance 

2)  Coaches:  Coaches nominated will not have coached within the last year prior to their nomination.  To qualify, the coach must have:

      • Coached for 10 or more seasons
      • Made a significant impact on the lives of student athletes
      • Conducted themselves in a professional manner on and off the field of competition.

3)  Team:  A team that demonstrates significant athletic achievement on the field of competition with a minimum requirement of:

      • League champions and/or
      • District champion

4)  Contributor:  This is an individual who has devoted a significant number years of service to Ayer High School and/or ASRHS.  Their contributions to the athletic department have been significant and they have been a positive role model for students, coaches, and faculty alike.  


  1. The Hall of Fame Committee will consider new members for induction on an annual basis.

  2. All nominations must be submitted on an ASRHS Hall of Fame nomination form.

  3. Any individual may submit a nomination form providing they submit the reasons why the nominee be considered for induction.  

  4. Candidates who are not inducted but meet all Hall of Fame criteria will remain on the ballot annually.  

  5. Hall of Fame recipients will be inducted at the Hall of Fame Dinner.  

  6. The number of inductees will be determined by the sitting committee


Committee member:


  1. The committee will be made up of 7-9 members, who either work or have worked, have graduated, or are affiliated with the school district (i.e. School Committee, Athletic Director, Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Parents, and Alumni).  

  2. The committee has the ability to induct as many candidates they feel necessary.  

  3. All committee members shall  abstain if a family member or relative is on the ballot. The Committee will remain intact until a member feels they can no longer perform the duties necessary to  remain as a member.



  1. The current Athletic Director will preside over the committee meetings; the elected Secretary shall take minutes and correspond; the elected Treasurer will keep a written record of income and expenses for any materials needed or used by the Hall of Fame.

  2. The Committee shall meet at least once per month from September to June.  Special meetings may be called at any time.  

All Committee members must be present for an induction vote.  



The Bylaws may be amended at anytime by a majority vote of the sitting committee members.  

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