• Applied Arts
    The Applied Arts Department incorporates the school’s computer education, music, and performing arts, health, physical education, and visual arts programs. Our programs develop the whole student and address each of the three major domains of learning: cognitive (acquisition of knowledge), psychomotor (physical skills), and affective (development of feelings and attitudes). For example, a physical education class would teach the rules of a game (cognitive), develop skills needed to participate (psychomotor), and reinforce concepts of fair play and sportsmanship (affective). The Applied Arts promote physical well-being, creative expression, problem-solving, and computer literacy.

    For graduation, students are required to take 5 additional courses in career/technical education or other subject areas, 4 years of physical education (1 course per year) as required by state law, and 1 year in fine arts. Please see the Program of Studies for more information.

    Students are required to take four years of English. Effective writing, speaking, and critical reading skills are essential to the future success of our students. The English Department provides students with a multitude of opportunities to demonstrate these all-important skills via a variety of courses that support the development of stated skills while allowing students to explore classes of diverse interests.

    Courses require students to demonstrate analytical and higher-order thinking in regard to literature, but additionally, real-life scenarios. Students are required to take Humanities I as freshmen and then Humanities II as sophomores, after which their course of study can change.

    Along with the core courses that the department offers, students are also able to take a variety of electives that allow them to explore diverse cultures through literature, look more in-depth into various Shakespearean plays, or even explore how fairy tales have changed over time and through different cultures. Please see the Program of Studies for more information. 

    The History Department embraces the vision statement of the Ayer Shirley Regional School District. Specifically, by offering a wide variety of core and elective courses, the History Department encourages academic excellence, instills habits of reflection and inquiry, and focuses on preparation for entry into college and the world of work.  In their freshman and sophomore years, students are enrolled in our Humanities curriculum, which focuses on United States history from the American Revolution to the present while, at the same time, focusing on literature that is thematically connected to the History they are learning. This course of study is co-taught by history and English teachers. In their junior year, students focus on the history of the modern world, and in their senior year students focus on the government of the United States, which includes a thorough understanding of civics and a comprehensive study of the structure and functions of our federal government and federal citizenship. Students are also required to complete a course that focuses on financial literacy. These core areas of study are enhanced by numerous elective courses ranging from the history of rock and roll to sociology, psychology, law; and much more. As a result of this approach to history, students learn to make interdisciplinary connections, develop research and communication skills, and prepare to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. Please see the ASRHS Program of Studies for a complete description of the History Department course offerings.

    Mathematics has been used throughout history as a tool to advance our society. After high school, our graduates will go on to two and four-year colleges, technical schools, and to work. Therefore, the study of mathematics at the secondary level challenges students to think critically about the world, make informed decisions, and compete nationally and globally with their peers. Our students are making interdisciplinary connections, engaging in discussions about mathematical concepts, and taking part in performance assessments that model mathematics in the world around us.     

     The mathematics faculty is committed to the success of each student at ASRHS. In order to meet graduation requirements, students at ASRHS are required to successfully complete four years of mathematics at the high school level. All students will take a series of 3 integrated mathematics classes (Integrated Math I, II, and III), which combine algebra and geometry skills, as well as at least one advanced mathematics course. By graduation, students will have the opportunity and are encouraged, to take one or more Advanced Placement (AP) Mathematics courses: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics. Please see the Program of Studies for more information about the mathematics department and current course offerings. 

    The Science Department believes that it is important that all students engage themselves in a process of life-long learning that includes acquiring skills in scientific reasoning, application of technology, and critical thinking. A solid, well-rounded education in science and technology serves our students well in providing opportunities for vocations and careers for many of them in the ever-increasing number of STEM fields, as well as providing a base of scientific knowledge for many other aspects of everyday life. It is the goal of the Science Department faculty to facilitate learning and encourage mastery of scientific and technical skills and knowledge, as well as support educational excellence in other subjects, to assist students in preparing for their future success.

    The science curriculum includes science and technology core courses and electives at general levels, college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement courses.  For graduation, students are required to complete four science courses, 3 of which are expected to be lab-based. For more information, please see the Program of Studies.

    Welcome to the Ayer Shirley Regional High School Library home page! The library supports the high school curriculum by providing materials in a variety of formats and through instruction in cooperation with subject area teachers. It is imperative that students learn to identify, locate, access, organize, synthesize, and present information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. It is also extremely important that students learn to become good “consumers” of information and be able to recognize reliable and reputable sources of information. 

    The Ayer Shirley Regional High School Library maintains a collection of fiction and nonfiction books that students are encouraged to borrow both for recreational reading and for research. Watch the library displays and this web page for information on the newest books available in the library!

    The school library program, as an integral part of the total curriculum, provides students with the opportunity to develop high-quality research skills and foster a lifelong interest in both reading and learning. Resources - Big 6 Research Components